The Kindness Club was formed for Jemtegaard Middle School’s Club 8 afterschool activities. The focus is about sharing kindness with others by creating small gift boxes filled with creative trinkets and uplifting notes. We use our creativity to bring a smile to others in our community that might be struggling or could use a happy surprise. Our club has made Kindness Boxes for Jemtegaard students, Clark County’s Teen Talk program, and the Salvation Army of Washougal to add to their food bags. It is important that kids realize how much power their words and actions have on others. They have the ability to change someone’s day and outlook, simply by being kind! If you would like to contribute supplies or financially to the Kindness Club, please email me at:
Or visit: key word: JMSKindessClub

We have so many fun supplies to use for our projects! Thanks to all who have donated their craft supplies and money to our club!
Emerson, Callie, Ava, and Gracie working on our Easter Egg project (before COVID shut the school down!) Boo!

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