Updated January & February Sparks Schedule

No Sparks January 10th-20th. This was an unavoidable last minute family situation. I’ll miss you all!

Monday, Jan 24th- Personalized Journal/Sketchbooks

Thursday, Jan 27th- Personalized Journal/Sketchbooks

Monday, Jan 31st- Uniquely YOU, canvas collage. Bring special photos, paper items/notes and anything that you can collage onto canvas. You will be creating a piece of art illustrating all the things that make you who you are!

I created this collage in memory of my mom after she died. She was one special cowgirl!

Thursday, Feb 3rd- Uniquely YOU, canvas collage.

Monday, Feb 7th- Felt Animals

Thursday, Feb 10th- Felt Animals

Monday, Feb 14th- Photo Scavenger Hunt and Scrapbook

Thursday, Feb 17th– Photo Scavenger Hunt and Scrapbook

Monday, Feb 21st- NO SCHOOL

Monday, Feb 24th- We will make glass tile jewelry and magnets.

Necklace Pendants

Thursday, Feb 27th- Wood Craft (to be announced)


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