Sparks! (Formerly the Kindness Club)

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When it comes to kindness, we all know that words and actions make a difference. This is the primary focus of Sparks, formed as a part of Jemtegaard Middle School’s Club 8 afterschool activities.

This school year I am excited to expand our club by encouraging many different talents and interests. Eventually Sparks will be offered twice a week at JMS allowing students to select the specific classes that seem fun! We get to explore a bunch of different things together!

Some of the classes I plan to offer will include:

Spark of Kindness (We will make special gifts and cards to give to someone that could use some support and love.)

In the last couple of years, the Kindness Club has made Kindness Boxes for Jemtegaard students, Clark County’s Teen Talk program, and the Salvation Army of Washougal to add to their food bags. It is important that we all realize how much power our words and actions have on others. We have the ability to change someone’s day and outlook, simply by being kind!

Spark of Imagination (Make a special journal, story writing/illustrating, poetry, reading and more.)

This is NOT an ELA class! 😊 We will be exploring our literary selves, but in a way that each student has freedom to be themselves without judgement or grading. Plus, I recently got a spiral binding machine so we can turn everything into books if we want to! I’ve gone a bit crazy with that thing…

Soul Spark (Personal craft projects to explore who you are!) (We will be making collages on canvas, “Me” cards, and more.)

Spark of Creativity (Craft projects that probably involve hot glue! Wahoo!)

Spark of Fun (Games, Movie with Popcorn, etc.)

Magical Spark (Be a kid again and make fairy houses with me!)

Spark of Friendship (Make beaded friendship pins to exchange with friends, keep for yourself, and give away to someone you don’t know yet.)

Sparks is a great creative outlet for the kids that want to continue to make a positive difference in their community and to focus on the good. Sparks also offers the chance to learn more about ourselves and how truly awesome we each are!

I believe that if you look for the good in something or someone, you will find it. Let’s find the good together!

Emerson and Elliot delivering the 162 bandana face masks that the Kindness Club students made for the Knights of Pythias Active Retirement Center in downtown Vancouver.
This is an example of one of the boxes our club makes to give to others.
Elliot showing a couple of the special boxes she made.
These painted rocks were made by Avery M. as a special act of kindness. Even the smallest gestures can make a huge impact! (Plus, these are just adorable!)
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