One of the items that we will be adding to our boxes are Kindness Cards. These small notes can be made however you want, with whatever materials you want! The point is to put your heart into its creation. It’s a great opportunity to include an uplifting message or encouraging word.

SUPPLIES SUGGESTED: Mod Podge, cardboard/card stock/playing cards, stickers, scrapbook paper or magazine clippings, fun embellishments.

If you would like to see how the Fletcher girls have been making them, check out the video!

Admittedly, this isn’t my favorite card that I’ve made, however, my husband is a pilot and I thought that he could use a nice reminder that every day is part of our “next adventure”.
I made this card and I think it’s my favorite because it’s a message that my own heart needs! A nice reminder that I should embrace my silly, creative side and not feel limited because I’m not “good enough”. We are ALL good enough! We are PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!
It’s so hard not to compete and compare ourselves with others isn’t it?! What would it be like if we could really, truly support each other and be happy for each other? Let’s try it!
It’s funny how such a simple word can be a nice reminder to SLOW DOWN and enjoy whatever moment you happen to be in!
Elliot made this sweet little card for her big sister as a surprise.
Emerson made this card and she loved the message and said that it’s one that she “needed to hear” and figured someone else would too!